Saturday, June 2, 2007


Landed in Nicaragua today... kind of surprised by the emotions I have felt, it's been an overwhelming day! As we were landing I looked out over the land that I sowed three years of my life into. I felt love, fear, contempt, passion, anxiety. It was weird. Thank God one of my best friends in life lives here and was here to meet me at the airport and remind me of lots of fond memories just through her welcome hug.

We drove an hour to our little town and it seems like it is stuck in a time warp. Nothing at all has changed, except that the children are growing taller and there are a few more stores. For those who know this place, there's now a Pali grocery story and a Gallo Mas Gallo appliance store. Both things I would have liked to have had here when we lived here.

I preached on Hosea and Gomer tonight and how we learn that God is a Rescuer, Redeemer, and Restorer from that book of the Bible. I think that is went okay, though it was a little emotional for me to look out and see the familiar faces of the ladies I spent so much time with.

In the midst of the emotional day I got an email from my husband that one of our supporting churches has dropped our support. This hurts us quite a bit, and I feel anxious about it because we are really struggling financially, but this is when I have to put the rubber to the road with my faith. He needs to provide us with a couple of hundred bucks a month, that's all there is to it. He knows our needs and He knows we can't make it unless we get this support. I think that I was most bothered because the pastor is a personal friend and he didn't even take the time to write us or call us to let us know. We got an impersonal letter signed from some guy we don't even know, saying they had decided to direct their money elsewhere. I don't really mind why, it just felt like we were being rejected by our friend. Who knows? Maybe he doesn't even know about their decision, they are getting to be a really big church... So, please pray for us. Pray for our faith, that we would be strong and not worry, because our Father knows our needs!

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