Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Just got news that our Charlotte supporting church is dropping us this month, cutting our income by 25%. Don't have any idea how we are going to make it. God knows, though, and I am just going to rest in Him.

I'm here in Nicaragua, my trip fully paid so I can translate and serve a missions team. I watch all these kids coming in with suitcases loaded full of new things they just bought for the trip, things they will give away, and I must be honest that it makes me feel strange. Buy a brand new water bottle from Starbucks for $12 to go to Nicaragua where $12 would feed a family for three days... I don't know, missions life seems extra full of ironies today.

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Ben said...

Wow. You guys are getting hit pretty hard.

Praying for you.

BTW, you guys should think about providing a way for people to give via your website. PayPal has some great tools for that.

Shoot me an email if you need help.