Thursday, July 26, 2007

Centro de Fe, Esperanza, y Amor conference

We just got back from a week long working vacation in South Mexico. It was a lot of fun to go with the boys to some ancient Aztec pyramids and also a castle overlooking Mexico City. We had a blast together!

We went to the conference of our Bible School's denomination, and it was good, but there were a few things I am struggling with. The last morning the president got up and basically said it was wrong for women to wear pants or earrings or makeup. As the women's dean at the Bible School I have already had to wrestle with the pants thing. In the past the girls had not been allowed to wear pants even if it was below freezing. My boss, the director, told me that it was my decision what I would allow. I decided that they should still wear skirts and dresses except when it was below 60 degrees, and then they had to wear dress pants that were not tight. In the past, they wore pants underneath their skirts, which looked WEIRD. I just wanted them to learn to dress modestly and nicely. The last thing we need are dumpy girls. I think Christian girls should be excellent and attractive inside and out, not weird. I don't know... just my opinion!

So, at the conference I wore dresses the whole time except for that last morning because we were going to be travelling. Wouldn't you know it? That's the day it all blew up. I wanted to hide under the table! The other lady from the Bible School (Becki) wore pants every day at the conference except for the last day, so she checked out okay! ha ha!

Anyways, he didn't state this as law or anything except that women shouldn't preach in pants. I am okay with that (since I'm not even sure I totally believe that women should preach to men, but that's another story). I'll keep you updated on what changes I may have to make here at the Bible school. The director already told me he isnt' going to touch the earrings thing or makeup.

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Hbomb said...

Our pastors grew up in a pentacostal/holiness background...which shared the same beliefs. I am so glad that is not a requirement here, cause I wouldn't make it. I believe women/girls should dress modestly and look nice but I don't think that means wearing a dress all the time...what did the men do in Bible times when men wore robes and not pants...did the men have to wear robes at the conference.
Here is my other thought...if women are going to preach (which I personally believe they can...but that is another discussion for another time)does the dress make them more anointed? It seems to me that the anointing comes from the Father and being under spirtual authority which has nothing to do with a dress. This is just my opinion as I am a true southern girl who is having a hard time with a new dress code for Pre-K that says we can no longer wear Jeans on Friday and no flipflops allowed at all...just being real. I live in flipflops and bluejeans, but I also look nice when i have them on (thanks to that God forbidden make-up and earbobs)! Love you guys.