Tuesday, August 14, 2007


For today's Testimony Tuesday I want to share about an old friend...
This is Cubbie, and he and I have been friends ever since 1988. I was actually his Freshman Retreat Leader for Inter-Varsity during his first few months at Appalachian State University. Cubbie was one of those guys who was always smiling, happy, friendly, and loved Jesus. We went to Inter-Varsity together for a couple of years and then went over to another ministry called Campus Connection, later called New Life.

One thing I will always remember about Cubbie (I called him Pookie) was something he said after he graduated and my husband and I were in charge of the ministry. He told me that people have a tendency to keep their friends in a box in their minds and not let them grow up. I realized that I had done that as well, and had forgotten that God continues to do things in people and change them. That little comment stuck with me and helped me to release people from their boxes!

So, my testimony for today is to God's faithfulness in the life of my friends from college. Cubbie still follows after the Lord and today is celebrating his eighth wedding anniversary, raising up two daughters to love Jesus like He does. It's a blessing to know men like him, and I thank God for him!

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