Tuesday, September 11, 2007

As if we didn't wear enough hats....(or sombreros)

Last year when we came my job was simply the Dean of Women at the Bible school, and Greg's was Assistant Academic Dean and teacher. Then, our friend who was in charge of the short-term missions groups left and we took up that role. It's not too hard, planning the occasional group, their schedule, their budget, etc...

Then, on Thursday, we were surprised to learn that the man who was in charge of the Language School didn't want it. The three Americans who were coming to language school had already arrived for their year of Spanish classes, and all of a sudden we learn that we have to be in charge of a language school, find teachers (who should have already been hired), and make the schedule. The Americans have no idea how unstable the thing really has been in the past week, they are so overwhelmed with the cultural changes.

On top of that, I also started wearing the homeschooling mom hat yesterday as I started high school with my older two boys. How many more hats do you think I can fit on my head? I know it's big, but I think I have reached my limit! :)


Michelle said...

To quote the surfers in San Diego . .
"Whoa, duuuuuude!"
That sounds crazy. And I KNOW I don't have to warn ya to be careful not to over obligate yourself . . .
Homeschooling to boot? Eh? In English or Spanish?
I really thought of homeschooling, but then made up my mind to send my girl to public school since she would be able to pick up Spanish so much better if I did. Another missionary mother friend of mine home schooled her boys but with I think it was PACE or ACE in Spanish . . . which isn't such a bad idea . . but I still think there are cultural subtleties that she would miss there if I did that . . . Besides, she already is "different" enough. LOL!
At least until 3rd grade . . .I believe that's when they start teaching evolution and stuff I would rather address myself.
Anyway, I babble . .
Prayers and Priorities for you!

Jan said...

My littlest son (fourth grade) goes to the Christian school here in town, but our older two are in eighth and ninth grades, so I decided to do Sonlight with them... they are all three really good with their Spanish, and I was concerned about the public schools here in our town (gangs and such), so they are here with me.

SingForHim @ Real Life said...

If you put the sombrero on the bottom, you can stack the others up quite nicely! >;)