Friday, November 9, 2007

The Exotic Food club

We've had an interesting few weeks in the culinary department here at IMC. Our school has a large property with quite a bit of wildlife, and some of the guys have been very motivated to hunt, kill, and eat all sorts of interesting things. We joked last night that this week we have eaten Timon and Pumba, seeing as the guys have cooked up possum and wild boar in the last few days. We have also recently eaten rattlesnake that was killed up on our prayer mountain. They say that we are going to try ostrich soon (Not hunted and killed, but raised by a local farmer). I have to say that so far NONE of it has resembled chicken!


Sarah said...

Ostrich is good. It is actually closer to beef than chicken!

shelli said...

It all sounds icky to me. You are so brave to give it all a try.

Kevin a.k.a. Cubbie said...

Alligator is great.
Squid is great.
Deer is always good.
Boar is like pig but a little more wild tasting.
Turtle, rabbit and possum round our my culinary experience...
You guys are truly awesome missionaries. "I will go where you lead me and I will eat what you feed me."