Monday, December 17, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We left Mexico at 4pm on Friday, spent the night in San Antonio, drove the next day to Montgomery, and then to NC on Sunday. We drove a total of 1643 miles and I was never so glad to get to a place in my life! We are enjoying our time with my in-laws, eating good food, and just recovering from our trip.

Today we went to Wal-mart for a few things that we needed for my kids. Namely, socks, underwear, and toothbrushes. Wal-mart is a place where I can spend hours and hours just looking at all the stuff. I am not necessarily tempted to buy things there, I just want to look and see all the stuff!

Speaking of stuff... people here have just so much of it! I am overwhelmed when I go into someone's home and see the amount of stuff they have. Their garages are overflowing, their shelves and closets stuffed full, even their cabinets are bulging! It's amazing how much stuff you guys have, and to think that I used to have that much stuff too! I remember selling everything to go to the mission field and just being overwhelmed by the amount of things to sell/give away. We now have sold everything twice and moved with two suitcases each to two different countries. It's refreshing and liberating. You should try it!

I have to admit that this may be the first Christmas where I feel a little sad about being a missionary living on a low budget. Our kids are getting older and their toys are more expensive. Z (who turned 15 last week) wants video games, each about $30. M (13 years old) would love an ipod, $180. J (10 next week) is the only one who doesn't seem concerned... I know that my kids understand when we can't buy them such nice things, but it IS hard when all their friends (even in Mexico!) have every thing... the newest video games, the newest mp3 players. How can you tell a kid that their rewards are being stored up in heaven? It's hard when I have to buy them necessities like socks, underwear, and clothes that actually fit them.

So, pray for me while I am in the land of plenty... that I will remember that we work for God, and our salary comes from an endless supply. Maybe He will sell a cow for us, maybe not, but I just want to be content and I want our kids to be content as well.


Jaime said...

that was a reality check! I often wish I could just sell it all! I pray that your little ones will be blessed and their hearts will be delighted this Christmas!

Sarah said...

Jan, having moved twice in the last year, it was amazing how much stuff we had. After selling some and giving some away, we still have too much. The sad thing is that here in the US, it is really hard not to accumulate stuff!

I second Jaime's prayer.