Friday, February 8, 2008

Admitting We are Human

Why is that so difficult for us? One of my students came over today crying. She told me she was ready to quit the Bible school and go home. She doesn't think she's good enough, she's looking over her past mistakes and sins, and she just doesn't believe she is qualified for the ministry.

When it comes down to it, who IS qualified? We looked at all the screw ups of the Bible and decided she can't be any worse than any of them. She thought that we need to be super-Christians and deny our humanity in order to be useful.

Know one thing I just LOVE about Jesus? He was 100% God and 100% man. We can't grasp that, really, but it's true. He understands our humanity. He understands why we mess up... and it's okay.

She left with a new resolve to admit her need for God, confess her humanity, and go forward with a fresh outlook on her faith. It was a good day for both of us.

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Michelle said...

bless her heart!
She should look at all the ladies that are mentioned in Jesus's geneology . . . all of them somehow questionable material . . .God still saw them fit for his glory, eh?