Saturday, March 22, 2008

And yet, ANOTHER test! #3 for those counting...

So, I told you about the big waterless hurricane we experienced on Tuesday. We STILL don't have power in our house, it's now been five days! I can't believe it! It seems that most of the town has power now, I guess someone has to be last.

That's not the test, though. On Wednesday, someone decided that they wanted to burn all the fallen limbs that were in front of their house. Never mind that it has been dry as all get out here, and it was still windy... you can probably guess that the fire jumped to some dry brush, and all of a sudden we were called to the school's property to put out a fire. Not easy to do when there's no power and no water, no firemen nearby because of a massive wild fire on the other side of Monterrey. People from all over town came to join us, we did a sand bucket brigade, and were able to save the student housing, and most of the school property. The fire kept re-igniting, so the guys stayed up all night, taking turns watching and making sure no big fire happened again.

Then yesterday we got another call that it was on fire again! This time, another neighbor decided it was safe to burn. He was wrong. I'm telling you, I was spittin' mad! We spent the afternoon cutting bamboo and chopping trees so that there will be no kindling in case a fire erupts when we aren't here. It's nerve-wracking fightin' these fires!

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