Friday, March 14, 2008

Shocking surprise

Had a shock the other day when I was talking to our pastor, who just took over the leadership of the Christian school our youngest attends. They were asking me to help some of the teachers with their math skills, as they are going for their G.E.D. to graduate from high school. I was speechless when they told me that only TWO of our teachers have even graduated from high school! No wonder Mexico is in such dire straits in their education system! The good news is that all of the teachers will have their high school certificate by the end of May. They won't be re-hired if they don't. Other good news is that they are all going to work on getting their teaching licenses next fall. This isn't the same as going to college for four years full-time, but it's a start.

I honestly think that if I had known this when we arrived here, I would have put my hand to the plow at the school instead of at the Bible school. It shows me that I have things to offer them as well, and I need to help them out. My degree in Middle Grades Education/Math/Reading is not in vain!

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Princess Waxy said...

You guys just amaze me ... Your heart ... Your many talents ... Your insight ... Your devotion ... Your faith ...

You inspire me ... more than you can imagine!