Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The U.S. through Mexican eyes

It was a long long journey, but we made it! I'm looking forward to sharing with you all the things that happened on our missions trip with the Mexicans.

Want to know some of their thoughts about every day cultural things? (I'll share about churches later)
They can't believe how clean and orderly things are in the US.
They like the way that traffic flows and people obey all the traffic signals and signs... even using their blinkers.
They like Golden Corral, but didn't take more than they could eat.
Half of them fell in love with Dr. Pepper.
They don't like that the food isn't spicy at all.
Mexican restaurants do NOT serve Mexican food. I had to translate "chimichanga" for them.
The beds are comfortable.
The hot showers are magnificent.
Goodwill isn't all that impressive.
BestBuy is great, but they loved Marshall's.
Garage sales are a wonderful thing, kind of like a market place in Mexico.
Not all Mexicans are living a better life North of the Border.

It was a blast hearing all their comments. They definitely talked our ears off constantly!


Michelle in Mx said...

yeah, mexican gal is in line behind me at a womens retreat and sees the buffet spread. She leans over and asks me what it is. . .
"Taco Salad"
She laughs and says "Crazy Americans"

Doug & Rebecca & the Crew said...

Hoot! The "chimichanga" here is SIGNIFICANTLY different from the chimichanga north of the border.

Your students' observations made me giggle and chuckle, but they did notice something that we've been trying to explain to the nationals here. That is that the US is not "a place where everyone lives like kings".

I look forward to hearing more about your US mission trip! Sounds like God went with you every step of the way!