Saturday, June 28, 2008

Getting more tech savvy

Last Christmas, a wonderful friend gave me money to buy myself an iPod, which thrilled me beyond belief. I'm a gadget person, and I have always wanted an iPod, but we usually don't have extra money lying around for such things. So, I bought an iPod classic, with 80g of memory. The problem I realized when I started loading music on it, was that you have to maintain your itunes library on your laptop. My laptop is an older dell, and only has 60g of memory. This could create a problem for using my iPod to its maximum potential!

Then some guy at Best Buy actually knew what he was talking about! I was so happy, because he introduced me to the joys of external hard drives! Here's a picture of a "passport" which holds 120g of memory. I transferred all my music and photos over to the external drive, making my laptop run much quicker and I have can upload music to my heart's content.

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