Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer Reading Club

In solidarity with other bloggers who read Mark Lee's blog (Third Day guitarist), I thought I would join in and share about what I'm reading, etc. I have plans to read a lot since I will be in the land-of-English-language-books for the summer! I can't wait!

This week I finished The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory. It is a book about Anne Boleyn's sister, Mary. It is historical fiction, and incredibly interesting, if you like reading about royalty, snobbery, manipulation, etc. It definitely was a page-turner. I wouldn't recommend it if you are easily offended, as there are definite insinuations of sexual situations.

Another series of books I just finished were Karen Kingsbury's Firstborn Series. These were good, fun, easy readers. I read them each in about a day and a half. I would recommend them to women who are looking for a soap-opera type of book. Not usually my cup of tea, but I enjoyed them nonetheless.

Stay tuned for next week... I am reading an Oscar Wylde book and also a Joel Rosenberg book about Israel. More intellectual stuff for this next week.

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