Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lo Mejor Esta Por Venir/The Best is Yet to Come

Yesterday I had a visit from an elderly Mexican gentleman who lived in the US for many years (looks just like this picture!). He needed help filling out some paperwork for a lost Social Security check from 2004. This wasn't my first visit from him, but he doesn't remember that I have helped him with this issue before. Every time he comes by I hear about the good old days, how he was the best fighter and gambler in town, how things were better back then.

This got me thinking about our church's theme for the past year or so, "The Best is Yet to Come." Why is it that we always look back on the past and think those were our glory days? What hope is there for our future when we look behind us and think that we've already passed through our best years? I'm heading towards forty, and I would hate to think that the rest of my life is a downslide. I want to believe that my future holds good things, surprises from God that will leave me astounded, and that my best years can even be into my eighties and nineties, God willing. I'm thankful to believe that my future doesn't end there, even. For an eternity I will be living my best times ever.


Anonymous said...

To me, all of this life is prologue so I can truly say "The Best is Yet to Come..."

Hossam said...

hello jan
nice to read ur blog again
about ur topic
as usual simple and consice but gr8
hope hear ur comment on ma new topic
(a letter to israelis)

Shelli said...

Hi Jan,

I too have been thinking along these lines, especially in the last couple of years. I spent so much of my 20s and 30s living in the pain of my past, that I failed to have a future. Obviously with this gentleman, he is looking back on his glory days, but the effect is the same.