Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mrs. Degree

A lot of times, there is talk that girls go to Bible College in the US to obtain their MRS. degree - or to get married to a pastor. Life here in Mexico is no different. I can think of at least one of the girls who obviously came for that. Her dad is a pastor and I even think they might have sent her here for that reason! When she first came, she didn't know how to pray, had never read her Bible, and had very little knowledge about her faith. It made me frustrated to think that she wasn't here because she's called, but because she was sent.

So, last year she did fall in love, and he with her. They are forbidden lovers, though, which makes everyone more sympathetic to them. Next January, according to the rules, they can begin a relationship. She has to wait - something she has never had to do in her life.

You know what, though? She's learning to pray. She's acquiring self-discipline. She's paying the price. Maybe she'll be a good pastor's wife after all...

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