Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I imagine that my mother-in-law, who hasn't ever been here, was panicking when she heard that I was in the hospital. She probably was thinking of my lying in a bed, surrounded by tons of sick people, with random chickens and pigs walking by eating off of the dirt floor. Thank the Lord, here in Monterrey, a very metropolitan city, we have choices!
The public hospitals are like and big city ER. The difference is that there aren't too many nurses, so a family member has to stay by the patient's side to bathe them, feed them, empty their bedpan, etc. We don't have too many options for people to stay at my side, so we opted for a private hospital. There is one nurse for every three rooms. The rooms are all private, with air conditioning, cable tv, private baths, and pullout couches for optional visitors. I had a menu to order from every day, full of delicious cuisine to try and tempt me into eating. I ordered a la carte things like chicken soup or jello and yogurt.
I'm thankful that I wrote about God's provision several entries down, because that reminded me that my God continues to be faithful in my life in the area of finances. This hospital stay cost us $3800, and I desperately need to see God open the heavens for us. Please pray with me that He will provide and that we won't have to carry this debt on our credit card for years and years.


W said...

Jan, I am so glad you are okay! I was surprised when I saw "hospitals" as the post's title!

Are you back to normal now, or still weak? I am glad you were able to learn what was going on with your body!

Keep me posted!!
Love you!

MexicoAndUs said...

Hi! John and Elisa Meyers here. We found you on twitter 12/8/08. (MexicoAndUS - twitter) Elisa is from Aguascalientes, Mexico, and we are interested in moving to Spain as missionaries in the future. I am sorry to hear of your bout with hepatitis. God is faithful, though. We have information about ourselves on http://mexicoandus.com

We enjoyed reading your blog.