Friday, January 9, 2009

Kitchen Essentials

One thing I forgot to mention is that most of my Mexican friends do not use their ovens, except as space to store their pots and pans. They think the fact I can bake cookies is amazing. If only they knew how super easy it is!


Amrita said...

Interesting Jan. Our stoves are table top. This kinds is very expensive. We have separate electric ovens or micros

Sarah said...

Cool! I bet you make great Lemonade from your tree. I remember in Puerto Rico, it was heavenly to wake up in the morning to fresh squeezed orange juice from the tree outside.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jan!

I'm enjoying your videos and, by the way, you are looking good!! I can really tell you're losing weight. I'm happy for you.

Regarding the bean pot, I assume it's pottery, so do they just soak the beans there, or do they actually cook in it?

Keep up the videos. They are very enjoyable to watch.

Your anonymous friend,