Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We have lived here for 2.5 years and only my parents have come to visit us, once, in October of 2006. I attribute this to the fact that we are now a lot closer to North Carolina (two days drive instead of a week's drive), so we head up there more than we did when we were in Nicaragua. Our most frequent visitor to Nicaragua was our good friend Connie Jo, from our college days and the church we attended back then. She came a total of six times, bringing friends, family, sometimes staying for a month or two.

Another reason we don't have many visitors is our town in Mexico just isn't as sexy as our life in Nicaragua - we aren't near the beach, we don't live near volcanoes and rain forests, we don't have a five star resort nearby. We live in a sleepy little pueblo with not much to do and extreme weather conditions.

I am excited, though, because finally Connie Jo is coming to see me!!! In a few weeks she will come and we will go explore the touristy things of the Monterrey area. I will make sure to take lots of pictures of our adventures. With Connie, life is always an adventure!

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Amrita said...

Hi Jan your blogis fast becoming by favourite. The vidoes and the commentary is very attractive -is sexy another word for attractive? I belong to the Victorian age - I don 't know such things LOL.

I know what 's like when missionaries live in un-touristy places. Happy Connie Jo is coming to visit you, she is a real encourager. But I tell you you have choosen a raw place as your mission field God will bless you for that.

My friends - Indian married to a German girl ( 3 small boys) have choosen a difficult place as their mission field. We were very concerned for them, specially the boys schooling. They have several problems but they are over-commers.

In India too people come around selling food, veggies and lotsa stuff right to your doorstep.