Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chaos and Fear

If you watch CNN or Fox, you may have seen the news about what is happening here in Mexico. We are on the brink of a civil war between the drug cartels, the federal police, and the army. Protestors are blocking main arteries in our city and in cities along the border, paid by the drug cartels to protest the presence of the 45,000 troops the President has sent out to fight the cartels. In 2008, 5,612 people were killed in the drug war (during the last two months, drug-related executions averaged one per hour), and this year the numbers are climbing daily. Whole police forces are resigning and fleeing across the border in fear. I'll be honest - it's scary. Up until this week, I had basically been unaffected by the whole thing, except for random road side checks by soldiers or police. Things are heating up, though, and Mexico is in need of prayer. We need peace. We need the Prince of Peace to reign over Mexico.

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Amrita said...

I saw a report on BBC and was shocked to hear it. This horrible just like a full blown war.

Certainly a matter to pray about. Ihopeyou all live ina safe region.