Thursday, February 12, 2009

Encouraging Words

For two years I was the Dean of Women at the Bible School where my husband works. My days and nights were busy with counseling girls, discipling girls, forming and teaching them. When they finish two years living at the school they move to a church and do a year of internship. When they finish their year, they come back to graduate.

Today I found out that one of my girls who is in her internship year is getting married this weekend, and I believe she is pregnant. I cried as I thought about all the plans she made and the progress she saw in her two years here. I just felt so discouraged and sad that she didn't listen to the counsel that I had given her about this guy.

As I was despairing about this, a different person came to me and wanted to encourage me (not knowing I was upset about this girl). He told me how I have impacted his life and helped him to be a better pastor by my attitude about things and how I have handled situations in the past.

Isn't it wonderful how God will send people to encourage us when we need it? I was looking to Him for strength and peace and He sent someone to lift my spirits.


Anonymous said...

Jan, I'm glad the Lord countered the doubts you were having about what effect you were having in others' live, and so quickly, too!

You're a blessing in my life!


Amrita said...

Praise God for that jan.

But I am happy that girl is getting married, at least the guy did not abandon her, it would have been worse then.