Monday, February 9, 2009

Planning Ahead

We have a big event here at our Bible School this week, called "Hermano Mayor". It's basically a homecoming event, where all former students are welcome to come back and attend services, classes, and special events. I always enjoy the week, but there are several things that can frustrate me as a foreigner with a different way of thinking:

*RSVP - every year we send out the announcement and ask the people to register beforehand to give us a ballpark figure for meals and rooming. Every year, we only get about 25 responses, yet have about 200-250 people show up. It's okay NOT to RSVP, both with the hosts as well as the guests.
*Registration - the announcement says that registration will begin on Weds. at 2. Now, those of you who know Mexicans will expect me to say that they arrive late (as is the norm in this culture), but they actually arrive EARLY! We will have people starting to file in tomorrow (Tuesday), expecting their room assignments and food. It can be frustrating for the cooks and the hospitality coordinators.
*Finances - the cost of the conference is FREE. This is difficult for me, as I know first-hand how the Bible School is suffering financially. Last year the staff all sacrificed two weeks pay in order to pay for the event. I still don't understand why they won't even ask for $5 per person or something to help cover the costs of their food. It leaves me scratching my head, but since I'm not the boss, I can only suggest and then leave it at that.

Last year I was in charge of hospitality, having the rooms ready and assigning them to the people as they arrived. I had no idea how many rooms to prepare, how many beds to make up, how many bathrooms to clean, etc. etc. etc. It was a lesson for me to just relax and smile and enjoy things as the Mexicans do - not to get all tied up in the details and to go with the flow, so to speak.


Amrita said...

Wow Jan right now you must have your hands full with the conference going on.

In India there are free conferences for Christiansd workers as many of them from rural areas cannot afford to pay. But sometimes there is a small registration fee of about 3 -5 $ so that people can register ahead and the organizers may know the number.

This week there are 3 days of fasting and prayer at the Seminary and next week there are 5 days of revival meetings followed by a Pastor 's conference.

How long will the conf. go on?

Jan said...

The conference is a three day event. Tonight is the last night and tomorrow they will end after lunch. It has been a nice time to visit with people and hear what God is doing in their lives.