Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sharing our Faith

We have been asked to help our church develop a missions program here in Mexico, helping them get out of the four walls of the church and be missional in all aspects. This week we met with over 20 youth to plan an outreach in a few weeks. We talked with them about how to share a brief testimony. Even if people don't believe the Bible, they cannot deny what God has done in our lives personally. The crux is that you must think of a moment that marked your life, maybe when you gave your life to Christ. Think of the before and the after, and share it in under two minutes. Several of the young people cannot really share their testimony, which is baffling to me and something we need to help them get down so they can share from personal experience what Christ has done for them.

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Amrita said...

May the Lord bless your ministry with young people.

In our church we are training young pastors for future ministry.