Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Me time"

Where does THAT come from? I have heard it from friends on their blogs. What makes us think that we deserve time for ourselves?

The first time I heard the term was on that show "Wife Swap" and it was a millionaire woman who had to have her "me time" every single day. Her kids were off with the nanny and she went to the salon, to the gym, and shopping every day! She came home in time to put her kids to bed usually. I was appalled.

Now I am hearing that term from my good friends on their blogs. Do they not realize that they have a lot of "me time" by not having to wash their clothes by hand, their dishes by hand, by being able to drive everywhere instead of walk, and not having to mop their floors and do all that developing-world women have to do on a daily basis? The concept of "me time" is not just foreign to my friends here, but they can't even begin to conceive of it! If I were to ask them when they have time for themselves they would say while they are walking to the market, while they are washing clothes for two hours before they wake their children up, or after all the family goes to bed and she is preparing the food for breakfast. The thing is, they don't even LONG for time to themselves. They don't care, period!

Selfishness runs deep in American culture. I despise it. I don't like seeing it in my friends, in my family, and especially in myself. There are many things I love about us, but this is one things that just trips my trigger.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for the encouraging comment. It's amazing how often the Enemy tries to tell me those days in Jacob's Trouble were a waste and nobody cares and we didn't really make a difference to anyone. Thanks for shutting him up this morning!

Jerry Davison,
Jacob's Trouble