Wednesday, May 23, 2007


There is no retirement in the kingdom of God! I just want to say that... keep working, keep serving Him, and He will make your days worthwhile and your life worth living! Don't just settle for hanging out in your La-z-boy, reading the paper, watching television, going to the early bird specials, and taking one or two trips a year. That's not living!
I am yet to meet a Mexican or a Nicaraguan who is retired just because they have reached the age of 65. The only people I know who don't work are sick and incapacitated.
In Daniel 12, Daniel was 90 years old and told to stop acting like a dead man! That's what I want to say to some from our culture who just seem to be waiting around to die instead of being useful. They are only in their 60's! Get up! Go for it!

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