Monday, May 28, 2007


Our youngest son is 9 and has always been the celebrity of the family. always loved by everyone in his school and in the neighborhood. Last Friday he experienced his first major rejection in his life... all the boys in his class were invited to a pizza party after school except for him. He even had the boldness to go up to the mom and ask her why he couldn't go and she told him there wasn't room! (To quote Hotel Rwanda, "There's always room!" It's true here in Mexico too) I don't know why she decided not to invite Jackson, and I really have struggled with this because I want to ask her, I want to confront her, I want to tell her what she did to my little boy. He came home from school and lay on his bed sobbing... this isn't normal for him! The other boys were reveling about this party and even teasing him a bit and he could do nothing... so I held him and I wondered, "Is this because he's American?" "WHHHHYYY???" There really are people here that are anti-American sometimes, but to take it out on a kid? I wept with him. Today he woke up with a stomachache, I don't know if he just didn't want to face going to class and hearing about the party or what. I let him stay home just for today. Tomorrow he will go back and everything will be okay, I hope.

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Ben said...

Wow. That breaks my heart!

You know, you expect that kind of meanness from kids sometimes, but not from adults. I can't say I wouldn't want to scratch that Mother's eyes out myself...

I don't think there is anything that can make me angrier than seeing my little girl cry. She has had very similar experiences with a neighborhood girl. Some heavy doses of rejection. It has been very hard to teach her to forgive and not lash out herself. It doesn't come naturally!

It's hard to watch your kids get older and along the way become more and more vulnerable to the hardness of the world. But just like you and me, God will use the struggle to draw them closer. Isn't it hard to watch though?