Monday, July 30, 2007

Mexico Monday

In an effort to be a better blogger I am now going to schedule certain types of posts for certain days. I don't want to be so manic and unorganized in my blogging!!! So, today, I present to you, "MEXICO MONDAY".

Besides the people, the food in Mexico is one of my favorite things... we came from boring, season-less food in Nicaragua to the wonderful smorgasbord of spices and flavors of Mexico. We had always loved Mexican food when we lived in the US, but we never knew that what we were eating wasn't totally authentic. You know, those places with the $4 lunch specials like "Speedy Gonzalez" and "Special Number 12". I tell you, there is nothing like eating "Tacos de bistek" at a card table beside the road at 11:00 pm under the stars, hearing mariachi music from a nearby stereo.

Tacos de bistek is made from steak that has been cooked on the grill, a very thin slice, then chopped up by a cleaver on a wooden cutting board. They heat up some corn tortillas and put about 1/4 cup of the meat on each one. They are served in sets of five, usually. On your table you will find limes, cilantro, onions, salt, and salsa. You won't get the full effect unless you put a dash of everything on each taco right before you eat it. The mixing of all these ingredients makes for a mouth-watering treat! (and usually it's cheap, we pay about $1.50 for five tacos.)

BTW, the picture above is from "tacos al pastor" where they cook the pork on a spit and then slice it off in thin slices and make tacos of it. Usually it has pineapple and onion in it as well as the cilantro and lime. Another plato delicioso!


Hbomb said...

I think it is funny how divenly different we were all made...sort of like God knew what he was doing when He created every detail of our make-up. I say this because I HATE Mexican food, well, hate is a strong word, but here's what I mean. When we came back from Mexico (the mission trip in college) the first place I wanted to eat was Taco Bell...I wanted some American Mexican food. I will go to a Mexican resturant and can find things to eat, but it is certainly not my 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd choice.

Jan said...

When I tell the Mexicans about taco bell, they laugh... they are so curious about our take on their food! That's funny that you don't like the food. I think you're the first person I have ever met that hates it! :) You are right, though... it's God's way! I'm glad He made me to like it or I would be in big trouble here.

SingForHim@Real Life said...

I LOVE Mexico Monday!!!! What a great feature! I had authentic Mexican food in Cancun on our honeymoon. We went to "El Centro" one day, where the native people of Cancun have their markets and such. I was stunned at how much we had americanized their food, and definitely liked the real thing better!