Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sister Elda


This is my good friend, Elda, from Nicaragua. She was a rock for me the whole entire time I was there. She is 38 years old, mom of four, and grandmother of one. She married when she was fourteen, has a third grade education, and just two years ago taught her husband to read the basics.

Elda runs the snack stand at the Christian school, and is one of the hardest working women you will ever meet. She makes only $50 per month, but she never lets that stop her.

A year ago, the opportunity to go to India on a missions trip was presented to the women of the church in Nicaragua. Elda felt that the Lord wanted her to go. Imagine the cost of $2000 for a plane ticket!!! Seems impossible! Well, Elda began making popcorn and snacks to sell on the streets. She took up extra jobs whenever possible. She made almost $1000 selling bbq and cleaning houses, doing extra jobs.

While I was visiting in June, Elda actually made a bus trip to Managua (about an hour from her house) to get her passport for the trip. She had never gone there by herself, so this was a big step. I told her that if she was going to go to India, a trip to Managua was a good first step.

My testimony is this: tomorrow morning Elda boards a plane to go and minister in India. This is HUGE. I am so happy that she gets to go. If anyone can minister to these women, it is her. She knows poverty and suffering, but better yet she knows a God who makes all things possible.

I hope that today you will be inspired to look beyond impossible situations. With God all things are possible! Just look at Elda...

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Shelli Wakeman said...

Thank you for sharing that story. It's a beautiful testimony.