Monday, August 27, 2007

Got Game?

Last week we were in a physically challenging activity with the students. We worked hard all day, meeting physical challenges until they thought they were going to drop. After eight hours, they finally had lunch, and then someone grabbed a soccer ball and they were immediately re-energized! One of the Mexicans asked me what games we play in our culture even after a physically hard day and a full lunch. I had to think about that one! So, what do you think? Baseball, basketball, volleyball, football? We are so diverse, and I think that it also depends where you live. One thing I love about soccer is that it's a sport that almost everyone here loves and they are very good at it! For you who are living in the US, just go and cruise the parks on Sundays and you will probably find some good games being played by the Latino community.


SingForHim @ Real Life said...

The sad thing is that most Americans collapse in front of the TV after a hard day. (me included) The latino culture is so much about community. I love that.

When we were kids, we always had a game of kickball in the neighborhood.

Michelle said...

LOL! My family is a board and card playing family . . . yet I do understand that some christian latinos beieve that all and any cards are 'wrong' . . . hmm otherwise, I would say - vollyball.