Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Love my Job!

I'm going to combine Testimony Tuesday and Whatever Wednesday since I didn't have time to blog yesterday.

I took some time yesterday to read through some of our new students' applications and especially their testimonies. One guy was still-born and his parents dedicated him to the Lord and he was resuscitated. Another guy lost his dad at the age of seven and at the age of eleven he went out onto the streets to hustle and make money to support his mom. He joined a gang in Mexico City and was in terrible trouble until the Lord found him. One of the girls saw imaginary friends since she was a little girl, these friends turned out to be demons who beat her up, she actually had bruises, and she was tormented for years and years. Then she met Jesus and He set her free. Another girl was abandoned by her dad when she was three and she hated men! She only had relationships with guys so she could abuse them. then she met Jesus, and her life changed forever.

We have 26 new students with 26 unique testimonies and it is so exciting to me to be a part of helping them in their preparation for the ministry. I wonder where they will be in ten years, in twenty years? I love my job and the three years I have with them to invest in them, teach them, and love them... in return I learn so much, I receive so much love, and I see God change lives.

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SingForHim @ Real Life said...

Wow Jan! So many miracles, it reminds me that God can truly do anything!