Tuesday, August 7, 2007


** Our internet has been out about 23 hours a day since Friday, so I have had to be on a fast. Today I return to you with Testimony Tuesday**

This is N, and she is the grand-daughter of the founder of the denomination we work for. Her dad is a pastor of a big church in Mexico City. Two years ago while she was with a friend at her University, armed men came and kidnapped her. This was obviously a planned kidnapping, well thought out, and with ransom in mind.

For nine frantic days we set up prayer chains, and the family waited anxiously for news, phone calls, and help with negotiations. We were all worried, because she is a beautiful young woman... what would kidnappers do to her?? We prayed that she would be untouched and released quickly.

The kidnappers DID end up releasing her, though details were never told as to what/how/etc... it didn't really matter. She was safe. She tells amazing stories of feeling God's presence with her. She prayed that they would not be able to sleep, that they would feel like there were snakes in their beds, that they wouldn't be able to eat, etc... she would smile to herself as she would overhear them speaking in the mornings about their lack of sleep, their imaginings of snakes in their beds, etc. They told her they wanted to touch her, but they were forbidden by their boss. God was with her!

Recently her father spoke at a conference about how urgently they prayed for her as she was held captive. It saddens him that he has lost that sense of urgency when it comes to evangelizing and praying for the lost, those held captive by the enemy and by their own flesh. He motivated us all to love the lost as we love our children, pray for them as if they are our own family, and to tell them about Jesus, the One who has paid the ransom by His blood on the cross. We must not forget!

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