Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Spiritual War

Sometimes we can forget that we are in the midst of a spiritual war, and our enemy (the devil) wants to kill and destroy us. Here at the Bible School we are on the front lines, as we are training future pastors and missionaries here in Mexico. The enemy doesn't like it and has a terrible plan for their lives, contrary to the plan that God has for them, which is a wonderful one. If they let their guard down, even for a few moments, they can really do some stupid and dangerous things. (Us, too!)

Please keep the Bible School in your prayers this week. We have had a rough time with some staff members being disciplined and removed from their positions, some students falling into sexual sins and being dealt with, and some pastors who also support us being involved in situations. It is a rough time and we can see some casualties of this war. No one has been hit so hard they are giving up, but we need to see healing and restoration, and we need to see victory.

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Hbomb said...

The most amazing thing about our God is that he is a God of restoration. His desire is to heal and restore us not to disqualify us. We will be praying. Keep us posted.