Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Whatever Wednesday

Still trying to be more creative with my blogging and provide all sorts of different types of posts. Greg wanted me to name today's blog "What I Love About my Husband Wednesday", but I have decided to call it "Whatever Wednesday". I'm sure you would all love to hear what I DO love about Greg, but I think I'll save that for face to face conversations with him...
I think today I will focus on some of the movies we have seen during our vacation time. I'm always curious about movie recommendations, though I am quick to NOT recommend any movie! In the words of our friend, Louis Torres, "It's a good movie, but I don't recommend it." Things can get too sticky with things that you may miss or that may offend other people.
Last night we watched Babel, which was an interesting movie about cultures. It kind of reminded me of the movie Crash a couple of years ago. My favorite stream was the Mexican nanny taking the American kids to her son's wedding across the border. It was true to life and showed the festive atmosphere in which we live.

A couple of nights ago we rented The Good German, starring my favorite actor, George Clooney. We loved the cinematography, the creativity of the presentation as a 40's film, and the music. The story was a little slow, though.
Another two DVDs we have rented in the past month were Flags of our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima. Both were interesting with good story lines and enough to keep someone awake and involved.

So, this post can be combined with Greg's original title, as one thing that I love about my husband is that he makes me watch movies that make me think and learn about cultures and histories instead of brain-candy chick flicks!


SingForHIm@Real Life said...

I'm glad you talked movies today. I hate it when we rent something and it's awful. Judd has this thing that we have to sit through the whole thing because we paid for it, even if it stinks. I was worried about watching Babel, because I didn't want another liberal propaganda movie from them, but maybe I'll give it a try.

Hey, you should join me on Friday for the "Man of the Year" Awards!

Ben said...

I liked Babel (and I recommend it ;-)). There was a lot happening under the surface in that film.

The idea that we live in a global community now that is unified in some ways, but in others we are as divided as ever. The language differences between the various characters became symbolic of how all these cultures are now colliding in sometimes violent ways.

I also felt that the real heart of the movie was the Mexican storyline despite the fact that the director tried to focus on Brad Pitt's character.

Jan said...

Brad Pitt really didn't have a lot of importance in that movie, in my opinion. I mean, I felt bad for him, and he involved me in his character, but I was much more drawn into the maid as well as the Japanese girl, who was just so... lost.

Shelli said...

I have only seen two of the movies you spoke of. Flags of Our Fathers and Babel. I thought "Flags" was interesting as well. Babel on the other hand...It was a struggle to watch. I liked it though. It was alot like Crash, lots of raw emotions with characters that made you feel what they were going through. My favorite was also the Mexican maid and the Japanese girl (she was the hardest to watch for me, I kept wanting to say "Don't do it!")
I agree that Brad really wasn't the center of the picture which is a change for him.