Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween/Day of the Dead

Right now in Mexico there is a movie that is causing all sorts of controversy. It was made by a Christian director, and he addresses the cultural phenomenon of worshiping of the dead (and praying to the Grim Reaper) here in Mexico. Next week is the day of the dead, November 1st, where Mexicans will go and set up altars at the graves of loved ones, put out food for their spirits, and pray to the Saint Death for miracles. The Catholic church has taken a stand against this, but it still prevails in the Mexican tradition.

So, here in Mexico, the Christians don't really wonder or fight about whether or not to celebrate Halloween... it's a definite NO because they associate it with the worshiping of the dead. It is nice to have the issue so defined for us here, as I remember thinking a lot about it when we lived in the US.


Michelle said...

And I am keeping my daughter home from her kinder tomorow because she came home with a skull that she refused to decorate in class as homework and tomorow they were going to make alters and talk about why they leave food our for their dead and stuff . . .oh its all cultural education right! NOT!

Devout Hypocrite said...
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