Thursday, October 25, 2007

My family is together again!

Greg had to go to the States for a missions conference in Concord and finally made it home yesterday after spending the night in Atlanta... it hadn't rained there in months and it decided to unleash a storm the same night Greg was supposed to get home. He was fine, just a little tired!

Going home is always fun and challenging at the same time. The more we are away, the more we realize that we don't fit in there anymore -- but we also don't fit in here in Mexico. Basically we are multi-cultural, but we are non-cultural. It's a weird thing!

There's an interesting phenomenon that happens to kids who grow up outside of their parents' cultures... it's called Third Culture Kids, and it's fascinating to read about the things that are built in them because of growing up in a different culture. That goes for missionary kids, military kids, and immigrant kids! Read about it!

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