Saturday, December 22, 2007

And another thing!

People often ask about how it feels to be back in the country after being gone for a while. We have lived outside of the US for four and a half years, and we do notice lots of changes every time we come. I remember the first time we saw those bluetooth headsets, we thought people were talking to themselves in the grocery store and they looked kind of like cyborgs or something.

One thing that I have noticed this trip around is the huge amount of energy drinks there are! I had only heard of Red Bull, but we went into a convenience store the other day and there were four refrigerators full of energy drinks and then more at the checkout counter! I don't really have the desire to even try one, I'll take a coffee any day!


Ben said...

They taste nasty. Like cough medicine. Coffee is much better.

Hossam said...

lol hi my frind
really nice words
i prefere coffe too lol
red bull in egypt is unpopular thing.but i got it once
but like u
i prefere coffe it is extreamly better