Wednesday, December 26, 2007


All my kids have wanted for Christmas is a wii. They started asking for it last summer. I really didn't think it would be possible, but then I saw that the price was pretty reasonable. I told them to pray and start saving. They decided to all ask for money for Christmas and birthdays and save their money. When we got the news of our Christmas bonus, Greg and I decided to surprise them with one - knowing that their money was only going to be enough for the console, no games, nothing. We went in search of one and were able to get my parents in on the search. My dad called a Best Buy right after they had received a shipment of 64 wiis, so he headed out immediately to buy it.

I wish you could have seen my kids faces when the presents were being handed out. They looked happy for their cousins, but at the same time a little bit sad as no presents were coming their way. When we finally gave them a box to open they didn't think it would be anything... remember they had asked for money. Our middle son opened it and got all teary-eyed. The other two looked on in disbelief. Ten minutes later and they were upstairs at my parents with all the cousins in tow, to set it up and spend the day having fun.

As a parent, it brought me so much joy to be able to give something to my kids that I knew they really really wanted. They have saved, they have worked, they were willing to sacrifice all their presents and join together to get this. It was a blessing to Greg and I to not have presents for each other in order that they could be blessed. How much more does our heavenly Father want to shower His blessings upon us?


Hbomb said...

That's awesome and they are so much fun. I was so sore yesterday for playing tennis and boxing with the kids...well, let's just say I found muscles I hadn't seen since college! Anyway, enjoy. By the way, Caleb took his old gameboy sp, a few games and our old gamecube in to GameStop today and ended up with a $72 credit...he got guitar hero for $23. Might be worth looking into if your kids have any old gaming stuff.

Kim's Hotrod said...

Yeah, the boxing wears you out quickly. I bowled a perfect 300 in bowling the other day. I was so excited that I gave a MASSIVE fist pump , ala the Tiger Woods variety, and accidentally clocked myself in the private places. I was lying on the floor, yelling "I bowled a 300!!" in a very high pitched voice. Who knew video games were so dangerous??

momo said...
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Hossam said...

this is hossam
happy new year
and merry chrismas jan
greetings to u and ur kids
see you soon

Michelle said...

My brother got a WII he says they use for the kids ministry ;-)
No, they really do use it for games at the kids clubs, but that is besides my point this morning . . he brought it over to our house for Thanksgiving and we all had such a blast playing it (From my mom and two elderly aunts to my 4 year old) that now . . well, I want a WII
I asked my hubby and he said "If we get enough money" which is like the good Christians "I'll pray about it" . . . .*sigh*
Guess I'll have to inivte my brother over more often . . .