Friday, January 11, 2008

Flexibility is key!

They say that the number one rule of missions is FLEXIBILITY. I do think that is the key to success when living in Latin America, but it also is key to living in the US. Today we had a group of 87 young people show up with little notice. They did call the other day and say they would need a place to sleep, on our auditorium floor, but they didn't mention that they would need to eat (their leader didn't communicate correctly and wasn't with them to tell us what was going on). What would you do if that many people showed up and needed a meal? Well, here in Mexico, they just rolled with it. No one stressed out, no one freaked... everyone just pitched in to make a great dinner and served them with a smile. It reminds of me Martha and Mary, when Martha was so dang busy that she didn't enjoy the blessing of having Christ in her home. How many times do we freak out because we aren't flexible and miss out on the blessing of having someone over? Or how many times have we let our inflexibility rob us of the joy of serving someone?

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Angela WD said...

True words - and ones I need to remember! Thank you for a great reminder to be open to service in the moment, rather than sticking to my own plans.