Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This we have in common...

Human nature is human nature, wherever you live. Languages and skin color can maybe hide different facets of our fallen natures, but in the end, we are all just the same. Hurting people in need of a Saviour. I'm talking about selfishness, greed, lust, lying, pride, etc... those things don't change from country to country. Maybe the consequences change, maybe it looks different, but it's all the same when you boil it down. We need Jesus, and so do our neighbors, the suicide bombers, the illegal aliens, the televangelists, the newcasters, the homeless man under the bridge, and the teenage drug addict down the street. No importa que idioma hablamos... te necesitamos, Cristo!


Heather said...

Very True. Good post, Jan.

Hossam said...

hello jan
as usual
ur words are true,effective,and gr8
keep going
hope c u soon