Monday, January 7, 2008


A friend of mine blessed me with an iPod for Christmas, and I have had the most fun exploring the capabilities for it. I never knew about the joys of podcasting until this past week! We downloaded a Rolling Stones interview with Bono and listened to it for a couple of hours on our drive home. I am now subscribed to Focus on the Family, John Piper's Desiring God, and sermons from Bob Coy (Pastor of Calvary Chapel, Ft. Lauderdale, where I attended at times when I was home visiting family). You have no idea how nice it is to hear some sermons from familiar voices. I love our Mexican pastor, and I am very fed by him, but it is nice to hear teachings in my native tongue!


Kim's Hotrod said...

Also, check out the Allistair Begg podcasts, "Truth for Life". Very good stuff.

Shelli said...

Have a great time in your Casita. Happy New Year!