Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This is our friend, Nancy Honeytree, a wonderful woman who has impacted our lives the entire five years we have been on the mission field.In fact, she is also a woman who has impacted many peoples' lives through her music. She was one of the ORIGINAL Christian musicians, the Jesus Music people. She tells stories of what it was like for her, Second Chapter of Acts, and Larry Norman to be pioneers in the Christian music industry. I admire her, that she stuck it out even though being told that her music was "Satanic" and that they were such rebels. Yesterday we spent the afternoon with her, and as we drove around we spoke about LarryNorman, who passed away this Sunday. She said she feels weird, like a season is passing. That may seem strange to you who listen to modern Christian music, like Third Day and MercyMe, but Christians of the 70's who fell in love with early Jesus People music would probably agree that the seasons have and are changing. One of her songs, Pioneers, speaks about how difficult it was to be a pioneer, but it made the way easier for those behind them. I hope that we don't forget those people in order that we could enjoy the music that enjoy today. So, thanks to Honeytree, Larry Norman, Annie Herring, Matthew Ward, Keith Green, and the many others who paved the way and stuck it out to take back the music from the devil. After all, why should the devil have all the good music? (Song by Larry Norman)

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