Sunday, February 24, 2008

"I'm Bored"

How we parents get tired of this phrase from our teenagers! The other night, as some of the Bible School students were checking their emails, they saw some masked guys running through the school. We HAVE had some petty thefts in the past, so of course the guys were alarmed and went to check it out. They chased the guys down - jumping over walls and running through alleys. It turned out to be two teens from our church who, they say, had just seen a show about "Urban Ninjas" and they wanted to go and jump around the Bible School. Their parents were pretty ticked at them, and asked them why they did it. Their response? The ever common "We were bored!" So, in the wisdom of God and the enjoyment of our students, they gave the boys lots to do this weekend. They first came and worked with our guys, cleaning a new hotel and cutting grass with machetes. Later, they were seen washing their parents' cars, their neighbors' cars, and whatever else their parents could come up with. My boys were amused by this, and also reminded NOT to complain that they have nothing to do.

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