Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Nice places at the beach"

May 1st is Labor Day here in Mexico, and May 5th is some other holiday (Cinco de Mayo), so we have a five day weekend coming up. We decided to take advantage of the time for a little family vacation before we send our oldest off to camp for the summer. We looked into all sorts of places in Tampico, the nearest beach to us (six hours by car). All the hotels were booked, so we planned on going to South Padre Island in Texas. Found a nice two bedroom condo on the beach and were all set to make the down payment for the reservation, when our pastor told us about some people in Tampico with a guest house (FREE!). So, we are heading off tomorrow, will meet up with our whole church for baptisms on Thursday, and spend the rest of the time with our little family.

It will be interesting to see what their definition of a "nice place" is. I don't really care, since it's free, but I'm at least hoping to have beds for everyone and some time to enjoy as a family. I don't want to be stressed out, as that's the reason we are leaving here! :)

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