Friday, April 11, 2008

One highlight of the trip... amongst many

We were at a little Baptist church in Davidson, NC. They sent a missions team down here last fall, and so it was a bit of a reunion for us with them. They are just recently getting into missions, and they trusted us to be their first hosts ever. Our guys shared with them some of their testimonies and stories. One student shared that he had prejudged Americans and thought we were selfish, snotty, and lazy. He told how this trip had changed his perspective about Americans and the U.S. Then he asked them what were their preconceptions about Mexicans, but didn't ask them to answer. He said that he hoped that their meeting and that Sunday night would kill some of their prejudgments as well. I think it did. This was definitely a special moment for me.

After the service, they gave us an offering. The money was the exact amount of the extra night in the hotel and the van we had to rent because of our troubles with the borrowed one. Just another reminder of God's faithfulness to the little details and the big ones.

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Chip said...

Wow! What a great question to ask. I'm convicted. I'm guilty. I repent. Thanks.