Monday, April 14, 2008

Counting the Cost

I have often thought about the fact that when we lead someone to Christ, we really have to be willing to lay down our lives for them. That means answering the phone every time they call, feeding them their bottles of milk, taking them by the hand whenever necessary and truly discipling them. That can take on many forms, and it requires a dying to ourselves and our comfort. We have to count the cost and pay the price.

This morning the students were sharing more testimonies about the trip, and one of them shared that they were in an apartment praying for a woman when the Mormons came and knocked on the door. The Mormons spoke Spanish very well and were able to communicate with this woman about their religion. The Mexican Bible School students asked, "Where are the Sons of God and why aren't THEY able to do this?" Another "ouch" moment for me!

We were there to help a church who wants to start a hispanic service. They have about fifteen bilingual people in their church who will translate and reach out to the people. None of them are staff members or pastors. I mentioned to the pastor that I think it is time he learns Spanish. I think he sees the need, and will have to pay the price of studying and studying and practicing.

Recently we had a couple at our language school who want to be missionaries here in Mexico. The guy was really struggling with learning the language. He wanted to take the easy way out and just say that the Holy Spirit would give him the words when it was time to share the gospel. I have no doubt that God can do that, but I don't think He would. We have to pay the price many times. Are we willing?


Doug & Rebecca & the Crew said...

Hi, Jan! I have to agree that there's a lot of "cost counting" when you start to talk about going into full-time missions. I also agree that while God is totally able to speak through a non-Spanish speaking person and impact lives in a Spanish-speaking culture, it's the day-to-day living out the gospel in front of people that speaks louder than our words...and has a longer-lasting impact.

Learning to conjugate Spanish verbs is WAY up there on my list of ways to die to self. I would encourage your wanna-be missionary friend to buckle down, buy the 501 Spanish verb book and start studying!

Have a blest day!!! We're praying for your ministry in Monterrey over here in Sinaloa!

Anonymous said...

Willful ignorance is no substitute for the Holy Spirit. Learning another language is definitely dying to self!