Friday, April 25, 2008

Who should wear the pants?

For many Christians in Mexico, it is a sin for women to wear pants. I have seen that changing, though, and I'm glad since I don't always like to wear skirts and dresses. Sometimes I like to wear my "mom jeans", ok? I was surprised the other day when I was talking with one of the women in our church about fasting and praying. She told me that she and another lady in the church have been fasting three days a week and praying that the women would quit wearing pants to church. I thought that was pretty interesting and admire her devotion to her conviction. Don't share it, but I can appreciate her tenacity. I think that I will still wear pants to church, however, when it is 50 degrees or so, the rule I put for the Bible school girls. Concrete floors, no heat, and freezing wind gusts make it difficult to worship or listen to the sermon when you are shivering and your teeth are chattering.

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I remember that SNL skit!