Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Culture Clashes

Today some new workers came into the ministry, two girls from Nicaragua, where we used to live. One of them is my husband's former assistant, and the other is our son's former teacher. It's strange to hear their accents, and to think we learned Spanish from them!

We were talking to them and my husband and I sat in amazement that they actually made it here, to Mexico, to work. It's a miracle that they even were able to leave their country, considering the average wage there is $50 per month. I know the teacher made that, and the assistant made less than that. She even is a lawyer, but never found a job to make better money.

It will be fun and interesting to watch the different culture shocks they pass through as they learn the way of life here. Some would think that two Spanish speaking nations wouldn't be that different, but believe me, they are!

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