Monday, May 19, 2008

Growing Up

In less than a week, our oldest will be leaving us for the summer. It is strange to think of him out there in the world of summer camp, working as a junior camp counselor. I was never able to go to camp, so I'm not totally sure what it all involves, but I did see lots of movies growing up. To me, summer camp involves serial killers (Jason) , pranks around the campfire (Meatballs), or summer romances (um, Dirty Dancing?). I've tried to prepare him for the summer romance possibility - since he's never fallen "in love" and hasn't even met anyone worthy of that yet. Greg has taken care of the pranks and the self-defense... but I'm still not satisfied that he is ready to confront this whole girl thing! It should be an interesting summer, to say the least, and I'm sure he will have lots to talk about on our weekly phone calls.

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Anonymous said...

Jan, Hannah has started her training for her first summer job this past Monday! They are growing up way too fast. Where will he be in camp and for how long? Annette