Sunday, June 1, 2008

"Keep your first-world mindset"

Those were the words in an email I received yesterday. I THINK the person meant well, but it was deeply disturbing to me, as that person had actually lived in Mexico for a while. My response is that I don't WANT to keep a first-world mindset, I want a heavenly world mindset.

What bothers me is that most people think this way. In our sin nature, we believe that the way WE think is the best way, and we have nothing to learn from other cultures of mindsets. I see it here as well, when Christians would not want to sit down with Catholics and learn from them and actually see for themselves what they believe.

How can a middle-class suburbanite get out his or her bubble and learn from other mindsets? It's a healthy thing to visit other cultures, other homes, know people who are different. When we go into unfamiliar territory, we must remember that we are all the same in our basic necessities, in our search for God, in our yearning to be loved.


Devout Hypocrite said...
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Jim said...

I'm trying to figure out what that even means. What kind of a mindset was this person thinking of when they said "first-world mindset"?

I'm afraid I would be at a loss to obey even if I wanted to...