Sunday, June 29, 2008

Walking vs. Driving

Man, these gas prices are killing us for sure. I'm trying not to worry about it, but it will make our budget a LOT tighter this summer. In Mexico, we don't drive every day. I walk to work, I can walk to Jackson's school, to church, the corner store, etc. We lived five months without a car and survived quite well with walking and the public transport system. The cities of America aren't really set up for pedestrians. I am not sure where we will be staying in Concord, but I think it's about 10 miles from our church, 2 miles from the grocery store, and 15 miles from the majority of our friends.

I wonder if gas prices continue to stay this way, will that change the way cities and neighborhoods are designed?


Sarah said...

The thing I'm worried about is rural area like we live in. We could never have public transportation to cover all the area in the country. I guess we'll have to get a horse and buggy.

It's affecting more than just our driving. Judd's landscaping business is suffering because people are putting their landscaping money into their gas tanks.

annette said...

I don't think people in America realize there is another way. Unless you have traveled extensively or lived in another country, you don't know that public transportation can be done effectively. Even in rural areas of Taiwan a bus would come every 10-20 minutes--in the city it was every 5-8 minutes and sometimes less. You can live quiet nicely in other countries without cars. I know it is hard to believe especially when we are so dependent on our independence.