Friday, July 11, 2008

These United States

We have visited all of the family and had fun spending time with grandparents, now we are in our hometown of Concord, NC. This sweet, wonderful family has generously opened up their bottom floor apartment (not really a basement because it has windows all along it and with glass doors too!), and we are enjoying peace and rest.

This is the first time we have been home in five years where we have had our own place to crash, to cook, to clean, etc. It definitely makes a difference in relaxing, let me tell you! Usually we go from place to place, eating at restaurants and peoples' homes, and we go back to the mission field exhausted! I truly think this time we are getting the rest we need.

Things I am enjoying:
* Clothes shopping - you can get some really nice stuff for excellent prices! So fun! I noticed yesterday that everything I bought has a black/brown/turquoise color scheme, so I need to change that up for future purchases.
* Machinery - I forgot how wonderful dishwashers and vacuum cleaners are!
* Cleanliness - No desert dust entering the house every time you open the door. No shoe-destroying gravel to walk through on a regular basis.
* English - Yep, it's great to worship God in English, to have deep & meaningful conversations in English, etc... it's been a while since we have been so surrounded by our native tongue.
* Books - Another rare thing to find in Mexico, English books. So, I'm basically devouring books and magazines as much as possible.


Anonymous said...

I was cleaning out emails. Came across Caroline's... then onto to you via hers. You are in the states and so close by! For how long? Can we all visit?
Do you have Dar's email and Caroline's?
Julie Thordahl Mauldin

Jan said...

I would love to see you, Julie! Email me at so we can email each other...